About Us

Low Tech Five is a passion-fueled project with a desire to showcase the latest and greatest in modern technology. This includes topics about networking storage, electronics, and more.

This is an all-encompassing resource for those wishing to discover more about everything tech.

Our Team

Sara Benoit (Founder & CEO)

Sara is a 30-year-old IT engineer based out of Chicago with a passion for IT-based issues. She graduated from UCLA and has spent years working for some of the world’s finest tech firms. Her passion for networking and engineering led to the birth of Low Five Tech.

Credentials: Bachelor of Computer Science (UCLA)

Hobbies: Writing, Archery, Coding, Home Design

James Anderson (CMO)

James is a trusted chief marketing officer with dedicated experience in managing noteworthy firms. He has adventured across the planet and adores everything to do with the world of gadgetry and computers. It is this love for technology that has made James an integral part of Low Five Tech.

Credentials: Bachelor of Business Management (University of Michigan)

Hobbies: Coding, Reading, Ice Hockey, Baseball

Emma Mendes (Content Strategist & SEO)

Emma has been a content strategist for decades and is renowned for her passion, expertise, and writing know-how. She’s a world-class writer with dedicated IT experience while crafting perfect state-of-the-art marketing campaigns. It’s this expertise that makes her a trustworthy contributor to the world of marketing.

Credentials: Bachelor of Marketing (University of Wisconsin)

Hobbies: Robotics, Writing, Football, Farming

Marcus Wisniewski (Contributor)

Marcus is a big part of Low Five Tech providing a top-of-the-line writing contributor with 10+ years of international IT experience. He has a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Auburn University and is well-regarded for his vision and professionalism while putting together premium tech content.

Credentials: Ph.D. in Software Engineering (Auburn University)

Hobbies: Basketball, 3D Modeling, Writing, Photography